What is The National Breast Center?

Founded by Dr. David C. Weintritt, MD FACS 2012

Purpose: Increase Survivorship Within Our Region

Programs to accomplish this:



Commitment to always offer the most current state-of-the-art technology for timely treatment & diagnostics, combined with truly empathetic and supportive care throughout the patient’s journey for optimal medical outcomes. (Separate from non-profit)


Survivorship Programs:

Providing survivor support services to address the emotional, fitness, and nutrition challenges that are unique to breast cancer patients, with highly trained specialists who are coordinated to support the medical healing process using validated research.  (Non-profit)

Physician Programs:

Joining together with physicians who are committed to the higher standards of care that are necessary for patients to survive breast cancer with the absolute most optimal outcomes.  This network will provide education and certification for primary care practitioners and accountability for breast specialists who volunteer to have their patient outcome data made public.  (Non-profit)

Early Detection Alliance:

Going beyond “raising awareness” this program will use a variety of modalities to spread accurate breast health information to the public, focusing on the coverage region.  The goal is to empower women in our community with the basic knowledge they need to find and comply with optimal breast health care, dispel myths about imaging and treatment, and to know which symptoms they need to call their doctor to examine.  (Non-profit)