Welcome to the National Breast Center!

If you are an existing patient or referring physician, you are aware of how important it is for women with breast cancer to be presented with the right choices in every phase of care.  If you are new to our practice, I hope you will explore all of the ways we strive to benefit women with breast cancer.  Far too often, even in the Northern VA and DC area, women are not aware of incredibly important options that result in better clinical outcomes, shorter treatment times, fewer side effects, and a more rapid return to a normal life.


Just like all women are unique, the same can be said for breast cancer.  Every patient deserves a personalized treatment plan.  This should begin with screening and continue throughout the entire treatment and recovery process.  Our center is being created to offer state-of-the-art care for breast cancer, as well as programs focused on helping women before cancer ever happens and if needed, a lifetime of survivor support.


We are also working on a non-profit foundation that once fully launched will provide three fundamental services:


  • A specialized program for survivors.
  • Advocacy and education to empower our community with the options they deserve.
  • A program to educate physicians and clinicians on the standard of breast care.
If you are interested in participating, want to volunteer in the designing of these programs, or wish to give feedback as you watch us launch this venture, please email dweintritt@nationalbreastcenter.com. We would love to have your support and input.  For those who would like to donate, please visit www.nationalbreastcenter.com/donate for more information.


Our decision was about more than rebranding; it is essential to make sure we resonate where it matters as we set our sights on saving more lives through the expansion of our programs.  The National Breast Center is committed to finding new ways of diagnosing and treating patients and ultimately preventing disease each and every day.  We are excited for the upcoming changes and very proud of our commitment to personalized care for our patients.


Dr. David C. Weintritt