The National Breast Center is pleased to be the first site in Virginia offering the newest generation of Intra Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT). Via the Xoft Radiation Therapy System, IORT is an advanced, isotope-free radiation treatment now available for qualifying early stage breast cancer patients.

The treatment is applied at the end of a lumpectomy procedure.  Whereas typical procedures involve delivering radiation to the whole breast in multiple doses over several days or weeks, IORT uses a miniaturized X-ray to deliver radiation directly to cancerous areas while sparing healthy tissue and organs.  The radiation is administered at one time in the operating room, during the surgery.

While not all breast cancer patients will qualify for this approach, it offers significant advantages for those who do.

What Are The Advantages Of IORT?

With this system, patients recieve a course of radiation treatment that is more targeted and is completed at teh same time that the tumor is removed (lumpectomy).  The Xoft system is  used to:

Deliver radiation in a single dose, requiring only between 8 and 12 minutes, immediately after tumor removal.

Target the dose of isotope-free radiation directly to the tumor cavity, thus minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.