Brachytherapy is a targeted forme of radiation treatment for breast cancer.  There are several generations and modalities for Brachytherapy available today including Intra Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) and Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI).  These incredible new developments deliver the radiation dose directly to the cancerous tissue while sparing healthy tissue and organs.

For APBI, a breast surgeon places a catheter near the site of your cancer. Over the course of five days, a radiation oncologist uses the catheter to direct the radiation beams precisely to the cancerous tissue. This process spares much of the healthy tissue surrounding the breast, including the heart, lungs, and skin, from harmful radioactive particles. After five days, the patient’s radiation treatment is concluded, and the catheter is removed.  Learn more about APBI.

IORT is another form of radiation treatment that further reduces the treatment time for radiation therapy. In this type of radiation treatment, a single dose of radiation is delivered at the time of the breast cancer surgery. This treatment is delivered in the operating room with both the surgeon and the radiation oncologist working together to deliver the dose precisely.  Treatment lasts for approximately 10 minutes.  Once completed, the surgeon can rearrange healthy tissue using oncoplastic techniques including breast lift, breast conservation and other cosmetically pleasing options.  Learn more about IORT.



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