Second Opinion

You may have received a diagnosis for your breast condition already from your physician. Before starting treatment, you can come to Dr. Weintriff for a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Some women worry that their doctor will be offended if they ask for a second opinion. Usually the opposite is true. Most doctors welcome a second opinion. And many health insurance companies will pay for a second opinion if you or your doctor requests it. Some companies even require a second opinion.Dr. Weintritt may agree with your first doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Or he may suggest another approach. Either way, you’ll have more information and perhaps a greater sense of control. You may also feel more confident about the decisions you make, knowing that you’ve looked carefully at your options.In most cases, the delay in getting a second opinion before starting treatment will not make treatment less effective. To make sure, you should discuss this possible delay with your doctor. Some women with breast cancer need treatment right away.


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