Ignoring the Science on Mammograms
While the focus related to breast cancer always will and should be survival, there are many other important issues that women with breast cancer face. There are many steps involved in successfully treating breast cancer. Surgery, medications including chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, and radiation are all part of treating breast cancer. What many women and even some physicians aren’t aware of is how many options exist within each of these treatments and how varied the cumulative effort required to achieve survival can be.

Screening mammography, especially in it’s newest form of digital and even 3D studies, is capable of finding breast cancers that are only millimeters in size. When this happens, women are able to look at a much simpler path to survival. Less invasive surgical procedures, less intense medical regimens, and shorter, more focused courses of radiation. Quality of life is not measured as much as overall survival, but why would we shy away from giving women more options with fewer side effects? The majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive. Let’s make sure we acknowledge how different, and sometimes unnecessarily difficult the path to success can be and focus on making it as easy as possible.

Dr. David C. Weintritt, MD FACS
Breast Surgeon
Founder, National Breast Center

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