When to come see us

It can be very difficult for your family doctor, general practitioner (GP), or OB/GYN  to decide who may have a breast cancer and who may have a non-cancerous breast condition. But there are particular symptoms that mean your GP should refer you to a specialist straight away. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have produced guidelines for GPs to help them decide which patients need to be seen urgently by a specialist. You should ideally get an appointment within 2 weeks for an urgent referral. The symptoms that need urgent referral for possible cancer of the breast are:

  • A fixed, hard lump in the breast at any age
  • Women aged 30 or over with a lump that is still there after their next period
  • A woman with a lump that appears after menopause
  • Women under 30 with a lump that is getting bigger, is fixed and hard, or who have other reasons for concern, such as a strong family history of breast cancer
  • Anyone who has had breast cancer before and has another lump or other suspicious symptoms
  • A rash on one nipple or in the surrounding area (this is very rare), that has not responded to treatment
  • Nipples that have turned in (inverted) recently
  • Discharge (fluid) from the nipple
  • Men, aged 50 or over with a firm lump under one nipple, with or without changes in nipple shape or to the surrounding skin

Symptoms such as a distinct lump in a woman under 30, or breast pain, need referral, but not urgently.

Your General Practitioner may also have referred you to us for ultrasound, genetic testing, or other treatments.

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