National Breast Center’s Use of Personalized Medicine Focuses on Care and Avoids Unnecessary Treatments


Personalized medicine is the future of cancer care. It is a course of treatment tailored to the needs and genetic makeup of the individual patient. Providing customized care is a powerfully reassuring experience that gives each patient the confidence they have the best chance possible of conquering their illness. At the National Breast Center, that begins with MammaPrint® test from Agendia, Inc. MammaPrint® is an FDA-approved, molecular-level test that examines 70 different genetic factors associated with each case of breast cancer. It can determine whether a patient has a low or high risk of a recurrence of their cancer. A low risk score means there is a one in 10 chance that breast cancer may recur at a future time. A high risk score means there is a three in 10 chance or greater of a breast cancer recurrence. MammaPrint® eliminates an intermediate risk score, where it’s unknown if the risk for a cancer recurrence is low or high. An indeterminate score was once associated with nearly 40 percent of breast cancer cases, and often made courses of care unnecessarily aggressive and grueling for patients. MammaPrint® risk scoring helps Dr. Weintritt and his team at National Breast Center determine the best course of treatment for patients and guarantee that the patient will not undergo any unnecessary chemotherapy or other treatments.

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