Dissolving Implantable Device Guides Targeting and Application of Treatments
Patients battling cancer are often uneasy about potential side effects that can last long after they are free of the disease. Here at National Breast Center, we do everything possible to ensure our patients have options that can reduce the amount of radiation given while improving the accuracy.


This helps relieve anxiety about the impact of the care they receive and places them in a more positive state of mind. One of the keys to that mission is the innovative BioZorb® implantable device from Focal Therapeutics. Most National Breast Center patients who undergo a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy receive the BioZorb®. The FDA-approved device acts as a three-dimensional marker to show specifically where the excised cancer tumor was located, providing pinpoint precision for positioning radiation treatments. Without such guidance, radiation oncologists are often forced to treat larger areas of the breast with higher doses of radiation. With BioZorb®, the patient receives radiation precisely at the site of the cancer resulting in fewer complications and better outcomes. The BioZorb® does not interfere with healing, the existing surgical plan, or surgical breast reconstructions, and eventually dissolves harmlessly within the body.


Six tiny and benign titanium chips remain at the surgical site to guide future imaging and assist in quickly detecting any recurrences of cancer. Access to cutting edge technology like this allows our patients to have the best outcomes possible.


For questions about BioZorb® please call us at 703-664-2407 or email us at office@nationalbreastcenter.com