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The National Breast Center combines advanced technology and over a decade of specialized surgical training with a truly personalized focus on breast health. Individual risk assessment and screening plans, BRCA gene testing, onsite diagnostics, and office based biopsies maximize efficiency and produce optimal outcomes. Breast cancer is one of the top two causes of cancer mortality in women.

We are here to help turn the tide.

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Alexandria, VA 22306
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Patient Reviews

What do patients say about their experience the National Breast Center?

DR. weintritt is a brilliant Dr, He is held in high estem by the radiation dept. as the best dr. I had breast cancer and he was so kind, and let me tell you he did the best job on me. First I am now one year clean and two , you can not even tell he did the operation. You are in the best hands here.
Dr. Weintritt saved my daughter’s life. He accurately diagnosed her breast cancer and spent quality time with herdiscussing her options. His knowledge and compassion exceeded all of my expectations. His expertise combined with his caring attitude make him one of the finest surgeons I’ve ever known. If you want quality care and you don’t want to feel like just another number, Dr. Weintritt is the man to see.
I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practiioner. I have referred many of my patients to Dr.Weintritt, but never expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer myself. It didn’t run in my family. Fortunately my yearly mammogram found the cancer early. It was still a very scary experience. Dr.Weintritt and his staff are special. They really care and it shows. Now I will be sending patients to them with even more confidence that they will receive the same excellent, compassionate care that I did!